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      Siddha Kayakalpa Medicine
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      Siddha Wellness Retreats
      Tripura Sundari Therapy
      Pancha Prana Shuddhi Treatment
      Varmam (Marma) Therapy
      Athma Rekshitham Training



Deva Vidya Siddha Gurukulam

Today Siddha medicine is taught through universities and also practiced by traditional physicians as well as university trained physicians. Unfortunately university teachings have lost the sacredness that was conceived the Siddhars by modern education systems by dilution, flexibility and ignorance. Till very recent times Siddha medicine was taught in a Gurukula system, from master to disciples, at the masters residence or clinic and took many years of dedicated practice to be able to practice alone. Most of the authentic manuscripts are still held by many families and are not available to the general public. Those manuscripts that has been donated has been misinterpreted and misrepresented many times causing many difficulties to the student, practitioner and the patient

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Deva Vidya Siddha Gurukulam


Siddha Spiritual Practice
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Family MediCare Project

One of the biggest stresses facing families today is the cost of medical care, particularly for progressive, life-limiting illness. Fortunately, Deva Vidya provides complete coverage for Siddha Vaidyam and Ayurveda expert care, including More>>

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